Home is the Key - ReStore KC Donation Pick Up

Home is the Key -  ReStore KC Donation Pick Up

About This Campaign

After 22 years of paying rent, Laura Jones was ready to leave Kansas City for Mississippi to be closer to family and to start her life over.

“I’ve been in Kansas City for 22 years and have never had a home. I always tried to do better and better, but it seemed like where I was living was getting worse and worse. I felt like I had nothing to show for all my work, so I was ready to pack up and leave.”

She was trapped, stuck in an apartment she didn’t own in a neighborhood with increasing gun violence. But now, as a Habitat KC homeowner, Laura is taking control of her life and building a future full of new opportunities.

By making a donation today you are helping to support Laura and 26 other families who are approved and waiting for their Habitat home to be built.
Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City

Campaign to Support Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City

Vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.


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